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Sending Negative Vibes to its watery grave - 2022 Cleansing Ritual

2022 is quickly approaching. If you are like me, you are left on a conquest to a more peaceful life. I didn't know that once you turned 40, you have soo much less patience for anyone or anything that does not have a positive vibe to it. I wanted to share a little something I have been doing for a while now. It helps me to keep the calm in my life and not run anyone over with my grocery cart at the grocery store...this was extremely helpful during this holiday season. Ok, yes, I am a little over-exaggerating this a bit much lol but come on, if we're being honest, you probably understand where I am coming from.

Elevation requires Dedication. It takes hard work to achieve your overall goal...LOVE, PEACE, ABUNDANCE.

Here is a little bathtime ritual I do often. Negative energy can attach itself to you and leave you drained, depleted, with nothing left to offer yourself. You may feel like you're grasping at straws and you are not achieving your full potential.

I have created a simple ritual. Even if you want to implement it with your everyday shower routine, you can. Pouring into yourself is vital in order to love yourself fully. One of the most nurturing things you can do for yourself is to take some alone time for yourself after a depleting day. You can not pour out love and good energy when you have no gas left in the tank, no coffee in your cup. So love yourself fully, intently, and with nurturing, positive vibes.

Start off with lighting a scented candle, something that is pleasing to your senses. If you are short on time (like me and most others) this is a step that can be omitted, but a candle is a candle, it doesn't take long to light one and the aroma can do so much for you.

Get the water temperature to your liking.

Step into the shower.

Speak: I come with pure intention and love.

Step into the spray of the water.

Speak: I am a being of love and I release ALL negative energy.

From head to toe in a sweeping motion sweep the runoff of the water away from your body in an outward motion.

Focus: on the water going down the drain.

Voice repeatedly: Release all negative energy as it goes down this drain.

After you've done this head to toe, you can then step out of the spray of the water...

Then state again, I come with pure intentions, love, and humbleness.

Allow this water to wash over me. Allow healing and pure light to abundantly bless me with positive light.

You can end this part with a little prayer to your higher power. I take time to dish out to GOD all that I feel and need HIS help on. After this, you can now...take your regular shower. Be intentional with the products you use, such as body wash and hair products. Use products that have essential oils in them. (I can help you with this, and provide a list of products that best fit your needs)

Let the aromas take over your senses, allow it to relax you, let the warmth and steam of the water wash over you, and let the product absorb into your body with good vibes...

Never underestimate the power of a small change within your daily routine. You will come out of that shower feeling calm, refreshed, and hopefully feeling like a million bucks. (Or at least ready to conquer the grocery store with peace and love)

Believe with all your soul that any water can heal you by releasing, nourishing, and nurturing YOU, both your inner and outer being.

Many Many Blessings to YOU and Your family this coming New Year. I pray an overflow of love, spiritual growth, and financial blessings enter your lives this year...Love and Light

Note: this is in no way a sales gimmick for any specific products, nor is the company affiliated or endorsed with this blog posting. By all means, use what you have access to. My intention is for you to have an easy, yet effective way to release any negative energy from your life on a daily basis. Sending lots of love and light.

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