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What is that? Seeking answers?

Do you ever get frustrated with the lack of answers in your life? What do you do when it gets to that point? In my case, it was the realization that I talk with GOD all the time, and sometimes I still feel like, "What am I doing?". I am learning that if you want answers, you've got to ask better questions. Pastor Steven Furtick made a point by saying, "You'll know what that looks like, and the progress you've made if you have fewer answers and better questions.

IS ANYTHING EVER TOO HARD FOR GOD?? Anytime you are asking about something that you can't control, GOD will always come back with, "What is that?" GOD may make it known to us, "I've already given you the answers, I have already given you the tools." it's then up to us to use them. It's up to us to apply them to our life. If we shift our thinking, it will become clear to you. God will always point out what is at hand. Steven Furtick preached a statement, "God is always IN control but he doesn't always TAKE control" It doesn't start where you're SEEING, it starts where you are THINKING...If you saw it you wouldn't have to ask it! GOD can control it ALL, but HE also gives us the ability of choice. It depends on what level you're thinking is at, that determines your outcome.

For instance, If you start with, "What's wrong with you?" and you hit yourself on the head, that question will draw a thousand responses because the devil has already prepared a long list of attributes to use against you. The devil comes prepared to demolish your mindset, so You have to come prepared for the fight, not go into the fight to prepare.

Your question directs the integrity of your thoughts…You need to control the focus of your priorities. Putting up a fence will only block your flow. Human opinions do not matter nearly as much as you give them the credit for.

In the Bible, when the Apostle Paul was at a fork in the road and had to make a decision regarding spreading the Good News of the Gospel, he had to decide what mattered…and what he decided was that what others thought, did not matter. He knew that the Gospel was going forward regardless of what others thought about it. Do you? When you go to make a decision, do you make the decision to outsource your priorities to an "outside, broken world" that doesn't know a lick about your priorities, your destination, your plans as well as you do?

When God puts his seal of approval on you, they can all think what they want, say what they want, it won't matter what they say or do, because God already sees something in you that Doesn't need their input. That's between you and God. The path is set in stone by what GOD destines what will come to fruition, not on what THEY think and say.

Steven Furtick said that someone told him one time, if it won't matter a Day in a decade, then it won't matter too much. This statement is awesomely true. Usually if in 10yrs you look back at something that was said that one day, and you can't even remember what was said, then it probably didn't matter, it didn't have any sustenance for your life to begin with. Yes that day it may have been hurtful or angered you, and it probably stayed stuck in your mind all that day, but if in 10yrs from that point, you can't even remember exactly what was said, then it definitely didn't matter. You really don't find out if it matters or not until far later when something or someone in your life triggers it again. When you become woke and you go back and look at some of the experiences you've had in life, set your ego aside, and you'll have to determine at that time, what you learned from it, or was it not even necessary to give it as much power as you've given it in your brain..

Note: I'd like to thank Pastor Steven Furtick for inspiring me and opening my eyes with this message…Many Blessings to you ALL

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